Our property philosophy

At Buywiser, we don't complicate the property buying process. We follow simple principles to deliver the result you're looking for.

What are the principles of our property process?

The Pareto Principle or the “law of the vital few” shows that 20% of our efforts will yield 80% of the results. First developed as a means of describing land ownership in Italy in the 1800's, the rule has since been adopted by economists, management gurus, sports medicine and a whole host of other fields.

The more you think about it, the more you see its potential in almost everything around you,It's central to it. For example, 20% of the people in the country make up 80% of the wealth of the country and in real estate terms 20% of the investors achieve 80% of the wealth through it, 20% of buyers acquire 80% of listings and 20% of bidders create an intense bidding war at property auctions.

Everything in the property market follows essential rules such as government regulations – but also conventions that have built up over time to become “the proper way of doing things.” In essence, these are the essential rules of the game. All these conventions and essential rules are interconnected. By working in  property, you can discover these rules and use them to your advantage.” Unfortunately, most of us do not work in the real estate industry and remain unaware and oblivious to them.

By following a strict and time-honoured process in property buying, you can become the top 20% gaining 80% of the higher value from your transaction.
There is an actionable process you can follow, using the 20/80 rule as a guide toward the home you’ve always wanted at a reasonable price. Using this process is the key to gaining that favourable top 20% result.

We look at the list of your initiatives and pick the top set ( 20% ) that will deliver ( 80% ) impact on your vision.

The 80/20 rule really is a gem of a principle.

Warren Buffet once said that we don't need to make too many great decisions, we just need to limit the quantum and the magnitude of bad ones.

With over two decades experience in property, we have absolute conviction and confidence in our process, ensuring you gain the best possible outcome.

Buyer’s advocates save you time, money, and energy

Looking through listings, evaluating trends, and attending auctions is not only time-consuming but also saps you of money and energy better spent on work, friends, and family. Our job is to provide value by searching for a home, based on your preferences, on your behalf. We assist in auctions, negotiation, and keeping your emotion out of the equation so you can make a level-headed decision.

Buyer’s advocates are experts in property

Buyer’s advocates know how the property game is played – a natural advantage in the marketplace. Mum and dad home buyers or investors aren’t immersed in the language and behind-the-scenes in property marketing – “cozy” often means “small” or “cramped” for example. Buyer’s advocates speak the language, know where to look, and how to best negotiate on your behalf. The result is you get a great home at a fantastic price.

Buyer’s advocates are your personal property guides

You only ever get straight talk and honest advice from Buyer’s advocates. That’s what you’re paying us for! If we think a home your heart’s set on is a bad investment, we tell you straight up. Real estate agents are trained to tell you everything you want to hear so they can make a hefty commission. Buyer’s advocates only vested interest is in your satisfaction.

An unparalleled buying experience in Sydney real estate

Buywiser’s principal buyer’s advocate Sargon has over two decades of experience in Sydney real estate, knowing his patch and leveraging insider knowledge to find you a great house at the right price.

If you want to experience the hassle free way of buying property – we invite you to Buywiser. Click here to arrange a free, no-obligation chat with Sargon here.

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