We find your home and buy it at the best price

Prefer to have a professional do it all for you? Buywiser can find a home according to your preferences and buy it at a great price. Simply Buywiser.

The complete buying service is perfect for:

Anyone who is in the market for a property and wants an expert to take charge of the entire process

A sophisticated investor who wants to ensure they find a great addition to their portfolio

People who want a property veteran to take care of the administrative yet crucial work around property buying

We all lead busy lives. Often, we let professionals take the lead and complete a complex process for us - an accountant for our tax, financial adviser for our wealth, a mechanic for our car.

Buying a home is full of emotion and we want to be as involved as possible. However due to family, work, and other concerns, we can’t be as present as we’d like.

If you need to find your perfect home without delay, the Agent’s Complete Buying Service is the complete Buywiser package. It includes the Starter and elements of the Intermediate services, and:

  • Sourcing properties based on desired location
  • Shortlisting the properties based on your preferences
  • Evaluating and assessing the properties
  • Advice on location, street frontage, noise factor, and compare with similar neighbourhoodsIntroductions to a Buywiser select mortgage broker, solicitor/ conveyancer, accountant, and tradesman, all vetted and approved by Sargon
  • Organising private inspections and open house viewings
  • Negotiation with sellers and their agents on purchase price
  • Sourcing non-listed properties with the Buywiser industry network
  • Guidance through the auction process and strategic bidding
  • Ongoing support through settlement and post-settlement procedures

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You get your retainer back once we seal the deal

Like all businesses, cash flow is king. Buywiser requires an upfront payment to secure the services of our consultancy. This retainer pays for our ongoing assistance, expertise, research, and negotiation which often takes a lot of hours, days and weeks  to complete.

It also covers the time we’ll spend with you at open house viewings or auctions providing our impartial, unparalleled advice.

Best of all, once you’re settled into your fantastic new home, we refund the retainer fee. The retainer fee is put right back into your pocket!

Free up your time and have your home found, bought, and delivered for you. It’s the definition of how you Buywiser.

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1% of the Purchase Price + GST

A $1,100 + GST retainer and registration fee is required to begin the process. This amount will be deducted from the final commission.

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Not sure if this is the right package for you? Check out the Intermediate and Starter packages!