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There’s no shortage of tips and tricks online when it comes to home prices and negotiation. Reading is one thing, doing is another. We help you prepare for the art of the deal so you can Buywiser.

The intermediate buying service is perfect for: 

Frustrated home buyers who’ve missed out one too many times at auction

Time-poor investors who need a clear plan of attack

Buyers who want to navigate the art and skill of negotiation

What's a good price to pay?

Asking prices, auction price guides, offers accepted, passed in – you’ve read all about it in newspapers and online real estate listings. But who determines the price? If you haven’t asked this question yourself, the time to start is now.

A seller? Their agent? A valuer? A lender? Rising markets? Falling markets? Strong economy? Two-speed economies? Recessions, pandemics, acts of God?

There are two sides to this story:
• The perceived value and price desired by the seller and agent, and;The actual value and price paid by the buyer.The answer is simple and based in basic economics: a property is worth whatever a buyer is prepared to pay.
The sale price is determined by how much someone will pay to prevent someone else getting the property.

This turns the perception of value on its head – you are always in the driver’s seat. Because your role as the buyer is central to determining the price.

However, price doesn’t necessarily reflect the value of the property.
Properties may have a high price tag but lower value; if a home that’s been on the market for months is such a hot property, why isn’t it sold yet? You could offer 10% below the asking price and get accepted; that doesn’t mean you’ve bought a winner. You may have even paid more than the market value for the property. I’ve seen this countless times in my twenty years of market experience.

That’s because during negotiation, especially for people who aren’t negotiators, buyers aren’t using a value-based approach.

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Your coach giving you the edge in negotiating real value

Property auctions, bidding, and upping the ante – they’re overwhelming, stressful, and buzzing with emotion. If you have your heart set on a home, you can get swept up in the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and bid way more than you intended. Or you can bid too conservatively and let others muscle in just so they can squeeze you out.

Before you play any sort of game you need to understand the rules. That’s a given. But the most valuable lesson one can learn is how the game is played. Someone explaining the rules of chess does not make you a Grandmaster overnight: you need to be coached on strategy, tactics, and what plays you can make to beat your opponent.

If you’re thinking of bidding on your desired property, you can up your chances of success with Buywiser.

I’ve lived and breathed property auctions, taking part in over 1,000 auctions over my two decades of real estate experience – if auctions were a game of chess, I could do it blindfolded!

I can be there by your side guiding you through the auction process – and it is a process; there’s no such thing as luck in this game. You can rely on me to ease you through the stress and uncertainty of auction day so you can rest easy and Buywiser. Just remember to strike while the iron is hot!

You'll get access to all of the Agent's Starter services and: 

  • How to use passive and aggressive tactics to your advantage
  • How to outbid fellow bidders
  • The telltale signs of an auction room and how to read them
  • Body language interpretation of sellers agents and fellow bidders
  • What type of tone and stance an auctioneer tells you about the property
  • Recognising value versus price as a negotiation point
  • How to parry “verbal jiujitsu” and other sales tactics
  • Techniques that place you in the driver’s seat of any negotiation
  • A thorough data analysis to ensure you’re prepared with hard evidence
  • A walkthrough of negotiations to get a handle on what to say and when to say it
  • Strategies, tactics, and counters for real estate negotiation
  • How to be proactive rather than reactive in negotiation
  • Striking the best deal that favours you; not the seller’s agent
  • Impartial and practical real estate buying advice

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