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Buywiser is a Sydney-based buyer's advocate that puts you back in the driving seat

Stressed out trying to find your dream property?
We find it and you Buywiser.

Unsure about striking a great deal?
Buywiser is your pro negotiator and better yet: we’re on your side.

Does the market feel overwhelming?
Buywiser is your property sherpa - guiding you from sourcing, negotiating, and buying your dream home.

Property has a process, but it’s not as straight-forward like connecting A to B. There are a lot of steps to go through - and just as many missteps to make. Buywiser guides you through it all, making sure all the dots connect to a great property outcome.

What do you aspire to? Change of lifestyle? Treechange? Seachange? Back to the city? Expanding your portfolio? Your first home? A house and land package? Your retirement home?

Buywiser is your advocate that helps you chase and achieve your property aspirations.

Why feel frustrated when you can Buywiser?

There’s no need to remind you that buying a property is the biggest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. For the most part, buyers are left on their own when trying to pin down a home that ticks all the boxes – including one that comes within your budget.

Buywiser is dedicated to one task above all: finding you the perfect property at the right price.
Our service is built on two decades of real estate experience and knowledge, giving you the power to find the home you’ve always wanted, sooner and for the right price. So don’t buy blind – Buywiser with packages to suit every need.

Agent's starter

Alleviate any anxiety with simple & effective advice, so you can land a great deal.

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Agent's intermediate

Gain confidence in auctions, negotiations, and navigating the property process.

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Agent's complete buying service

The entire process from sourcing, inspecting, and sealing the deal all done for you.

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We'll simplify your busy life and deliver the outcome you want

Always fighting for your interests

A buyer’s advocate means Buywiser is at the coalface fighting for your interests. That means leveraging contacts, negotiating harder, and getting better results.

Solid advice giving you an advantage

Have questions about property or the process? You’ll get answers as soon as possible. You always get the best professional advice about property and the buying process.

Better market insights so you can take decisive action

I scour the market getting on top of trends and analysing all the latest data so we can pounce on great home buying opportunities as they arise.

Making home buying stress free and exciting

Buying a home should be exciting, not a chore. Home buying the Buywiser way means a stress-free experience, so you can feel comfortable that you’ve made the right choice.

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Take the stress and guesswork out of the buying process

"I can do it myself" — but should you?

According to CoreLogic, only 5% of buyers use buyer’s advocate when purchasing property. Doing it yourself may not cost any extra, but it preserves a dangerous power imbalance: seller’s agents are trained property negotiators, have all the up-to-the-minute data, and have a vested interest in maximising their sale price on behalf of the vendor.

Buyers advocates choose one side: your side

Unlike traditional real estate agents, buyer’s advocates are dedicated to getting the best result for you – the buyer. We aren’t playing both sides to puff up our commission; your success is our mission accomplished.

We listen to what you need

Just like a financial adviser that shows you how to grow your wealth, a buyer’s advocate finds a house that you want and need. A traditional seller’s agent is in the corner of the vendor; a buyer’s agent is in your corner, fighting for your interests every step of the way.

Everything upfront

The Buywiser experience is simple because everything is laid out in simple terms before we start. That means our fees and how we can best meet your expectations.

Substance over style

Numbers don’t lie. All the home staging in the world can’t hide a property’s flaws in the market figures. You get the cold, hard facts so you can make a rational decision about your next property move.

Focused on the process

The property search and buying process is like any process - it has a beginning, middle, and end. For people who don’t work in property, this process feels vague, complicated, and you can easily miss steps. Buywiser knows the process in and out so you can rest assured you’re making a good decision.

Our track record is built on results

Two decades of experience

With two decades of property experience behind me, I have so much to offer ahead. I know my market because I’m in constant contact with it – and you benefit from it.

Over 1,000 properties bought and sold

Dedication to one’s craft always produces great results. Commitment to providing a seamless property purchase is what I love doing – and it always shows in what others say is my “ruthless efficiency.”

We do good work – plain and simple

We’re a new school buyer’s advocacy firm with old school values. We want to build lasting relationships and focus on doing the best job possible.

Don’t buy the hard way, Buywiser

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