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Two decades of experience in real estate at your fingertips –
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Buywiser is the Sydney-based buyer’s advocacy or buyer’s agency founded by, myself, Sargon Khoshabeh.

I entered the cutthroat real estate industry in 2003. Over that time, I had a hand in processing 1,387 property transactions either directly or indirectly as a traditional real estate agent or seller’s agent. This was the first phase, or chapter, of my real estate career. Now, I enter a new phase: buyer’s advocacy.

I quickly noticed that there was no representation for property buyers  – especially first home buyers. They would get chewed up by their agents who only have their seller’s interests at heart. Why? Because they have an obligation and a contractual agreement with property sellers.  

Buyers, unlike sellers, are left to fend for themselves at short odds. I thought there must be a better way...there has to be some balancing act. This inspired me to get going with BuyWiser, a buyer’s agency.

After all, buyers of fine wines, art collections, vintage cars, and other high-priced assets usually have consultants on their side. If you need to tone your muscles, you hire a personal trainer. If you want advice on finance, you see a financial adviser. Why should it be any different when it comes to property?

Property is all about buying and selling – so why not make it simple?

My mission at Buywiser is to do a good job and deliver the result – anything else is an over-complication. Plain and simple.

I understand that a home purchase or any type of property is arguably the biggest financial transaction you’ll ever make. I approach my work with what others say is a “ruthless efficiency” and rooted in values of professionalism and service. Buying a home / property becomes a team effort – and I am essentially your coach, mentor, and manager.

I’m outspoken – you won’t have to wonder what I’m thinking! But it’s my forthright nature that helps you avoid pitfalls such as making emotional decisions.

I pave the way for an educated and comfortable decision as I find and negotiate on your behalf. It’s how you Buywiser.

Why was there nothing like this for property buyers?

BuyWiser was born out of necessity.
Buywiser addresses the imbalance in the property market. Though real estate agents are cloaked in the language of being neutral, they aren’t. Sellers’ agents are only out to maximise their commission; and they do that by inflating the price of the home they’re selling as much as possible.

BuyWiser the buyer’s agent or buyer’s advocate is here to be by your side and provide objective, reasonable, and practical advice so you can buy your dream home or investment. It’s my job to look for a property that’s suitable for you and your family and to help you make the right decision.

You will be empowered and find yourself in the driving seat.

We secure properties for our clients in these areas

Greater Western Sydney

Sutherland Shire

Southern Highlands


Lower Hunter + Central Coast

Bathurst Regional

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